Pricing Chart...


The cost for your customized Mini-Couple, whether it be a bride and a groom, Or two grooms Or two brides is
$129 US.

The cost for each family pet would be an additional 
$20 US.

The cost for babies would be an additional
$25 US.

The cost for a toddler or teenager would be an additional
$40 US.

Shipping and Handling
Canada - $20
United States - $20
World Wide - $30

I accept money orders, personal cheques or paypal.  

How to Place an Order....
1)The first step would be to hit the “Add to Cart” PayPal buttons above.


If you would like further information on pricing, availability, the ordering process, quotes for props, or specific ideas relating to your cake topper and payment options, please contact me at

2) After completing your payment, you will receive a payment receipt for your purchase via email.

3) You  will then receive a small questionnaire for the couple to fill in and return to me with the photos of  the dress, tux, hairdo, flowers and of course, the happy couple themselves.

4) Photos of your mini-couple will be sent to you for your approval and changes can be made should you require any.

5) After your stamp of approval, the final invoice is sent to you.  Once the payment clears, your mini-couple will be dropped off at the post office so that they can start their journey to their new home.